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  • 20+ successfull projects
    20+ successful projects
  • KYC and AML solutions
    KYC/AML solutions

Services and skills for your needs

ICO Development and Launch

We are experienced in developing successful ICOs. Our experts will evaluate your token business model, create designs, help with communication, and prepare launch.

DApp Development

Decentralized apps connect users and providers directly. They are not controlled by a single entity, which makes them extremely safe. We handle DApp development from whitepaper, design, blockchain integration and beyond.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts automate transactions transparently without the need for a middleman. Developing such projects requires in-depth technical knowledge and an experienced team to lead them.

Private Blockchain Development

We can set up a private blockchain and create secure decentralized databases to help businesses store data, manage supply chains or handle transactions without jeopardizing privacy.

Blockchain design

Tokeryʼs team of designers create marvelous user interfaces tailored to productʼs nature, as well as distinctive memorable branding, and intuitive UX.


We develop secure wallets that support MultiSig or integrate with hardware wallets that allow users to store their coins conveniently.


We design and develop complex cryptocurrency exchange platforms, equipped with advanced KYC and AML solutions, with support for dozens of cryptocurrencies and payment methods.

Discovery Workshop

During our discovery workshops we will guide you through the potential of blockchains. Together we will find the best business solution to implement this technology.


Tokeryʼs team of blockchain developers is proficient in using modern, secure, and reliable technologies to turn your idea into reality.
Our experts will pick the most suitable solutions for your Blockchain project.

Some of our blockchain projects

Market Cap: $5 MILLION

Kick Sports Manager

Kick Sports Manager is the platform to be a virtual agent. It will let you buy and sell players virtually, using KICK, based on their marketvalue.


Market Cap: $25 MILLION

Blue Hill Mining

Foreseen to become one of the Largest Mines – Revolutionizing the Mine Industry using Blockchain Technology.


Market Cap: $1 MILLION


The entire system is completely without human interaction. It's self governed, executed by the collective Ethereum blockchain.


How we deliver
your blockchain products?

At Tokery we produce top quality applications. Since 2013, we delivered a variety of projects for companies of all sizes - from one-person startups to enterprises like Insurances, Universities, and non-profits. We build client relationships based on trust, openly sharing our work methods and the rules we rely on.


Building your blockchain products with Tokery

Development and design from A to Z

We walk the path with our clients from landing page, to ICO towards full product development.

The best Blockchain technology

Together we will find the best tech match. See our tech stack knowledge below.

Projectʼs integrity

You entrust your product and business model with our team, provide an NDA and feedback when necessary.

Blockchain insides

Our team is active within the blockchain community and recognized within hackathons, meet-ups and events.

Industry Knowledge

We have experience within the Healthcare, FinTech, Education, Advertising, and Logistics industry.

Experienced teams

Top-notch developers, designers, and product owners - ready to build your product.

Letʼs make great blockchain products together!


Ico packs

Our Blockchain Team

Alexandre Costa

Blockchain Developer

Miguel Silva

Marketing Strategy

Felipe Silva

Full Stack Developer

Sunny Kumar

Blockchain Developer

Jorge Ferreira

Crypto Analyst

Luís Damião

Blockchain Designer


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